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Equipment - With lacrosse being contact sport it is mandatory that each player have the following equipment. Shrub Oak Lacrosse does not provide any of this equipment.


  1. Lacrosse helmet  
  2. Lacrosse gloves.
  3. Elbow pads
  4. Lacrosse style shoulder pads
  5. Lacrosse stick.
  6. Mouth guard.
  7. Athletic Supporter with cup.
  8. Rib pads – optional, but recommended 
  9. Cleats (moulded)– optional but preferred.

In addition, goalies MUST wear chest pads and throat guards (provided by Shrub Oak Lacrosse).  Thigh, knee and shin pads are recommended for goalies.

We recommend NOCSAE-approved lacrosse helmets, but HECC-approved hockey helmets are allowed.

Crosse (stick) Dimensions for Bantams:
The length of the crosse may be 37 to 42 inches. No exceptions, except for the goalkeepers crosse which may be 37 to 60 inches long.

Crosse (stick) Dimensions for Jrs. and Srs.:
In Junior play only, a long crosse shall be 43 to 60 inches and a team may have a maximum of only three players using long crosses, not counting the goalkeeper’s crosse, in the game at any time. Also in Junior play only, a player who uses a crosse shorter than 40 inches shall, if the crosse is challenged, be required to remove it from play with no further penalty assessed.