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The Shrub Oak Youth Lacrosse Commitment Policy for our team players is to ensure that all players receive a positive experience playing youth lacrosse.   Our teams are considered travel teams.  We play teams from neighboring towns, so it is important to understand the commitment that is required.  In order to achieve a positive experience from lacrosse we ask that you make a strong commitment to Lacrosse during the Spring Season.  By establishing the guidelines below we believe we can achieve such
Commitment for "A/Rebels" Team Players
ALL “A/Rebels” team players must attend all travel games and all practices, and lacrosse must be your priority sport. 
      All players who make and choose to participate on the “A/Rebels” lacrosse teams should not miss a 
       game or practice
because of participation in another sport; the penalty for doing so would
       be the possibility of reduced playing time or if it becomes too much, losing his spot on the "A/Rebels" team. 
      Obvious exceptions are for family, religion and school.

This is done also for the safety of your child and their teammates
.  Should your child get chosen and accept a position on this team, this will be monitored. If your child does not feel that he can make this commitment then he should asked to be placed on the "B/Balanced" team.
Commitment Policy for "B/Balanced" Team Players
We expect that you will make every effort to attend all practices and games in their entirety. In fairness to those players who do attend all practices and games, players who miss practices or games may lose playing time. This decision will be at the discretion of their coaches. 
ALL players MUST notify coaches ahead of time by email if they need to miss a practice or game for good reason.